Serene Blue

Imagine a blue ribbon, blue jeans, a blue moon, clear blue sky, or a blue suit. These images can be associated with being calm, hopeful, peaceful, honest, tranquil, trustworthy, loyal, conservative, responsible, gentle, sensitive, and conscientious. Blue evokes a calming spirit, combats tension, cultivates conservatism, endorses accomplishment, facilitates deliberation, offers serenity, promotes thoughtfulness, provides introspection, offers a soothing nature, suggests a cool environment, supports relaxation, and underscores devotion.

Cool colors from this area of the palette include robin’s egg, azure, delft, sky, denim, blueberry, royal, periwinkle, cobalt, ultramarine, and navy. These colors fit well into living areas, libraries, office areas, religious environments, treatment rooms, spas, and waiting areas.

Blue is the ultimate tranquil color that evokes a soothing oasis with the spacious feeling of big skies and the peace of vast ocean waves.

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