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Earthy, Wood, Elegant Solid, Café Latté, Noble, Grounded Conservative Neutrals

The neutral tones of beige, brown, gray, are hues that are the subdued tones from the longer wavelengths of the spectrum. They include shades of tan, taupe, beige, oyster, gray, sand, bronze and brown. These neutral colors evoke a comfortable attitude, they are earthy and conservative in nature, imply stability, promote a secure feeling and suggest a subtle environment, and a totally versatile nature.

The thought of coffee beans, earth, chocolate, river rock, wood, latte, or mushrooms conjures up comfortable feelings. They might include a sense of being conservative, secure, quiet, calm, reliable, stable, sophisticated, conventional, confident, safe and protected.

These colors work well in entertainment areas, gallery spaces, offices, and recreation spaces. Sophistication is exuded with these color choices, the beauty of neutrals is their ability to let the other color selections speak while these stand as a secure backdrop. These colors elevate design to a put together and refined space.