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Olive Sprig is a relaxed but enticing green that emulates the feeling of soothing aloe vera or a fragrant plant – brightening any space with organic liveliness. A versatile color that lives well inside or outside, Olive Sprig blends in with nearly any environment.

Trending Color of the Year
Olive Sprig

Olive Sprig is a midtone, neutral, lush green with an organic green undertone. It is a perfect paint color for any interior space.

A Natural Feel
Olive Sprig

The color Olive Sprig can help create a sanctuary in a bedroom, or pairs beautifully with brass accents and wood tones on an island or lower kitchen cabinets.

Sanctuary with Sophistication
Olive Sprig

Elegant, grounded, versatile and highly-adaptable, the grey-green color represents regrowth, mimicking nature’s resiliency.

Calm Green

Green is the color of nature, plants, jade, and money. Green evokes a sense of being healthy, youthful, generous, envious, stable, persistent, balanced, intelligent, moral, and ethical. Green cultivates tenacity, enhances concentration, facilitates judgment, fosters perseverance, nurtures relaxation, offers balance, promotes security, provides coolness, represents a refreshing atmosphere, renews the spirit, it suggests a cool environment, and a thoughtful essence.

Cool colors from this area of the palette include khaki, sage, moss, lime, mint, hunter, celadon, aqua, turquoise and teal. Their use is well suited for living spaces, kitchens, entryways, bedrooms, libraries, office spaces, activity areas and game rooms. Green calms hectic areas, establishes a refined space where composure and thought come naturally, and creates order making it an ideal color for areas where life moves fast and you need to stay focused.