Have an Interior Paint Project But Don’t Want the Smell? – Low or No VOC Paint

For many, winter is the perfect time to turn our attention to indoor painting projects. After all, who likes to spend a beautiful summer day indoors? Well, that “great idea” for many painters is perfect until the first coat goes up and the scent of fresh paint fills your home and overwhelms you and your family. Not only is this a health risk for some, the odor can simply be a nuisance for others. Next time, remember, there are paints for indoor winter projects that won’t fumigate your family. Try low VOC Manor Hall Paints  and no VOC Pure Performance Paints, they are excellent for winter interior projects.

Manor Hall can
Manor Hall Interior Eggshell <50 g/L VOC











Pure Performance Eggshell 0 VOC
Pure Performance Eggshell 0 VOC










Our hope is to help you understand why and when to use low and no VOC paint in your home. People choose low or no VOC paint because they cannot tolerate the odor from traditional latex and oil paints. There are many who feel it’s a healthier paint. For people with respiratory concerns it’s the best way to go. When people have a particular physical condition – either asthma or even sensitivity to latex, a low VOC paint is your best option.

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