Doors and Trim to paint?

If your house is like most trim and doors take a lot of abuse. That is why we have now have Advantage 900 Acrylic Enamel Paint


Super Premium Appearance & Durability

Formulated to combine the best qualities of alkyds and acrylics to ensure lasting beauty and durability.

Advantage 900 is a super premium, quick-drying enamel that provides a durable, hard film finish that is fade resistant and is excellent for door and trim work. Advantage 900 was formulated to have the flow and leveling, durability and gloss capabilities of an alkyd, but with the whiteness and easy water cleanup not found with conventional alkyds.

Specific uses include:    Doors   Shutters   Windows   Cabinets   Trim & Moldings   Furniture

Advantage 900 has Excellent Stain Resistance and Wash Ability

Excellent for Hard Wear Areas such as Halls, Children’s Rooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens

Tack Free Film, Excellent Block Resistance, Prevents Doors and Windows from Sticking

Advantage 900 can be used in a variety of residential or commercial exterior or interior applications over properly primed or previously painted wood, aged masonry and metal and for interior application over properly primed or previously painted drywall, plaster and wallboard.



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