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How to use Paint Chips to Pick Color

It may sound crazy, but nothing tells you less about how your finished room will look than holding your swatches up to the walls you’re about to paint. In fact, looking at a paint swatch against the existing wall color can actually fool your eyes into seeing the swatch color as warmer or cooler than it really is.

Instead, test your swatches against the actual fabrics and furnishings you plan to use. You’ll get a much clearer sense of which paint colors work best, and you’ll spend a lot less time deciding on the right palette for your room.


How to Prepare for Painting

How to Prepare for Painting:

Preparation is key to a successful paint job. Before you begin, make sure your room’s interior surface is properly prepared.

  1. Remove draperies, pictures, and switch and outlet cover plates before painting.
  2. Arrange drop cloths to protect carpeting, furniture, and any areas not to be painted.
  3. Fill holes, imperfections, and cracks with caulk or spackle before painting.
  4. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust on walls and baseboards. For high-use areas you may need to use a mild detergent to remove contaminants such as grease or problem stains.
  5. Tape off woodwork and other areas not to be painted at the time.
  6. Be sure to prime any new or bare surfaces and problem areas. If you have chosen a color that is substantially lighter you may also need to prime.

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What to choose for a Ceiling Color?


 What to choose for a Ceiling Color?

There’s no law that says ceilings have to be white! COLOR-TIPS01In fact, your ceiling is just as integral to the overall look and feel of your room as the walls and trim. So why treat it as an afterthought?

Instead, consider the possibilities to echo or accent your room’s color scheme. If you’re using a light color on your walls, use the same color for the ceiling…or a paint that’s just a shade or two brighter. Or, use a complementary color to add dimension and depth.

Or, if you have a dramatic light treatment, or an alcoved or textured ceiling, don’t be afraid to showcase it with a bold color choice that draws eyes…and raves.

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