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Night Watch PPG1145-7

PPG Paints Color of the Year

Our newest beauty is born out of community, luxury and nature. In an ever-disruptive world, we want to escape to a quieter place – one that’s protective and beautiful. Night Watch gives us that pathway. It’s a black infused green that can be used as a neutral or statement accent. Night Watch can make you feel healthy, grounded and calm, allowing other coordinating décor colors or interior plants to be showcased against its luxe backdrop.

Cheerful Yellow

Yellow shows up on school buses, flowers, taxis, rubber ducks, and those classic smiley faces.

It is attributed with making people feel cheerful, happy, joyful, optimistic, imaginative, inspirational, creative, inquisitive, hopeful, and spiritual.

Yellow advocates innovation, denotes a modern attitude, develops enlightenment, encourages spontaneity, expresses caution, indicates intellectualism, implies free spirit, inspires creativity, invites newness, denotes lightness of spirit, offers zest and joyfulness, promotes surprise, radiates warmth, rises alert level, proposes originality, and creates a sense of serendipity.

Variations within the yellow grouping include ochre, buttercup, cream, gold, ivory, almond and lemon. It is effective in athletic spaces, creative environments, educational areas, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, recreation locations, and stairwell areas.

Earthy, Wood, Elegant Solid, Café Latté, Noble, Grounded Conservative Neutrals

The neutral tones of beige, brown, gray, are hues that are the subdued tones from the longer wavelengths of the spectrum. They include shades of tan, taupe, beige, oyster, gray, sand, bronze and brown. These neutral colors evoke a comfortable attitude, they are earthy and conservative in nature, imply stability, promote a secure feeling and suggest a subtle environment, and a totally versatile nature.

The thought of coffee beans, earth, chocolate, river rock, wood, latte, or mushrooms conjures up comfortable feelings. They might include a sense of being conservative, secure, quiet, calm, reliable, stable, sophisticated, conventional, confident, safe and protected.

These colors work well in entertainment areas, gallery spaces, offices, and recreation spaces. Sophistication is exuded with these color choices, the beauty of neutrals is their ability to let the other color selections speak while these stand as a secure backdrop. These colors elevate design to a put together and refined space.

Calm Green

Green is the color of nature, plants, jade, and money. Green evokes a sense of being healthy, youthful, generous, envious, stable, persistent, balanced, intelligent, moral, and ethical. Green cultivates tenacity, enhances concentration, facilitates judgment, fosters perseverance, nurtures relaxation, offers balance, promotes security, provides coolness, represents a refreshing atmosphere, renews the spirit, it suggests a cool environment, and a thoughtful essence.

Cool colors from this area of the palette include khaki, sage, moss, lime, mint, hunter, celadon, aqua, turquoise and teal. Their use is well suited for living spaces, kitchens, entryways, bedrooms, libraries, office spaces, activity areas and game rooms. Green calms hectic areas, establishes a refined space where composure and thought come naturally, and creates order making it an ideal color for areas where life moves fast and you need to stay focused.

Inspirational Purple & Optimistic Pink

Purple & Pink often show up in vibrant accessories, cell phones, cosmetics, candy and clothing. People associated with these colors can be thought of as unique, creative, glamorous, observant, talented, temperamental, artistic, mysterious, nurturing, imaginative, tender, daring, sweet, and inventive. Violet and Pink allow for meditation, balances thought, suggests a contemplative nature, cultivates dignity & confidence, has an ecclesiastical nature, encourages purpose, expresses mystery, fosters a feeling of reverence, produces intuitive understanding, invites surprise, has an opulent nature, promotes elegance, can have a sensitive nature, and suggests intimacy.

Colors from the purple area of the palette include iris, amethyst, lilac, orchid, purple, lavender and plum. Colors from the pink area of the palette include mauve, rose, puce, coral, cerise, and carnation. They are both effectively used in enchantment themed spaces especially kids rooms, entertainment areas, festive spaces, entryway areas, magical environments, and bathrooms.

The magic of these colors are evident in these areas where the shades range from light and ethereal to warm and deep vibrant tones. When combined, pink and purple exude the passion of red and the spirituality of blue to create spaces with a mystical aura.

Energetic Red

The color of roses, lips, flags, cherries, and dresses. Red symbolizes love, desire, passion, excitement, strength, anger, aggression, energy, stimulation and courage.

Red creates vitality, demands results, encourages achievement, enhances activity, increases pulse rate, nurtures passion, promotes alertness, prompts action, stimulates excitement, and suggests a warm environment.

Colors from this area of the palette include pink, rose, magenta, cranberry, maroon, burgundy, wine, mauve, ruby and crimson. These colors are best suited for active environments such as athletic and sports areas, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, energetic atmospheres, offices, living rooms, and hallways.

Red contributes its own special energy to a space and is ideal in areas where we wish to make bold statements such as a strong and authoritative personality; used in a slightly more muted tone it creates an embracing and cozy area in which to dine and socialize.

Serene Blue

Imagine a blue ribbon, blue jeans, a blue moon, clear blue sky, or a blue suit. These images can be associated with being calm, hopeful, peaceful, honest, tranquil, trustworthy, loyal, conservative, responsible, gentle, sensitive, and conscientious. Blue evokes a calming spirit, combats tension, cultivates conservatism, endorses accomplishment, facilitates deliberation, offers serenity, promotes thoughtfulness, provides introspection, offers a soothing nature, suggests a cool environment, supports relaxation, and underscores devotion.

Cool colors from this area of the palette include robin’s egg, azure, delft, sky, denim, blueberry, royal, periwinkle, cobalt, ultramarine, and navy. These colors fit well into living areas, libraries, office areas, religious environments, treatment rooms, spas, and waiting areas.

Blue is the ultimate tranquil color that evokes a soothing oasis with the spacious feeling of big skies and the peace of vast ocean waves.

Active Orange

This is the color of warmth, construction cones, pumpkins, autumn leaves, goldfish, and the sunset.

Orange evokes feelings of being friendly, fun, playful, childlike, flamboyant, energetic, gregarious, vibrant, social.

It encourages movement, creativity, implies good cheer, indicates form, promotes joyfulness, releases emotion, and suggests a warm welcoming & inviting environment.

Warm colors from this area of the palette include melon, clay, salmon, coral, peach, rust and copper. These colors are appropriately suited to active spaces, areas incorporating fun, athletic and sports areas, dining areas, kitchens, energetic atmospheres, entertainment areas, high energy areas, office spaces, hallways, and bathrooms.

These environments suggest the subtle shifting of our perception of the color by the tone of the color. When bright and saturated, orange is playful and gives us an exuberance of youth. When darker and spicier it is warm and welcoming.

Light Airy Neutrals

Snow, lilies, doves, soft pastel petals, seashells, feathers, clouds, and the light of a new day suggest a rather consistent association with being pure and innocent. These soft delicate colors express simplicity, humility, freedom, imply precision, are classical, soothing, breezy, traditional, ethereal, and reverent.

These shades include light grays and white with soft whispers of all colors in the spectrum. They provide a blank canvas on which all is possible. These spaces convey the open-minded attitude of easy going serene simplicity. They are serene, calm and totally open to the possibilities that await. A soft neutral toned gallery wall is perfect to highlight art upon its walls and when used in office spaces they provide a perfect environment for open-minded thinking.