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Active Orange

This is the color of warmth, construction cones, pumpkins, autumn leaves, goldfish, and the sunset.

Orange evokes feelings of being friendly, fun, playful, childlike, flamboyant, energetic, gregarious, vibrant, social.

It encourages movement, creativity, implies good cheer, indicates form, promotes joyfulness, releases emotion, and suggests a warm welcoming & inviting environment.

Warm colors from this area of the palette include melon, clay, salmon, coral, peach, rust and copper. These colors are appropriately suited to active spaces, areas incorporating fun, athletic and sports areas, dining areas, kitchens, energetic atmospheres, entertainment areas, high energy areas, office spaces, hallways, and bathrooms.

These environments suggest the subtle shifting of our perception of the color by the tone of the color. When bright and saturated, orange is playful and gives us an exuberance of youth. When darker and spicier it is warm and welcoming.