Cheerful Yellow

Yellow shows up on school buses, flowers, taxis, rubber ducks, and those classic smiley faces.

It is attributed with making people feel cheerful, happy, joyful, optimistic, imaginative, inspirational, creative, inquisitive, hopeful, and spiritual.

Yellow advocates innovation, denotes a modern attitude, develops enlightenment, encourages spontaneity, expresses caution, indicates intellectualism, implies free spirit, inspires creativity, invites newness, denotes lightness of spirit, offers zest and joyfulness, promotes surprise, radiates warmth, rises alert level, proposes originality, and creates a sense of serendipity.

Variations within the yellow grouping include ochre, buttercup, cream, gold, ivory, almond and lemon. It is effective in athletic spaces, creative environments, educational areas, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, recreation locations, and stairwell areas.

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