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Inspirational Purple & Optimistic Pink

Purple & Pink often show up in vibrant accessories, cell phones, cosmetics, candy and clothing. People associated with these colors can be thought of as unique, creative, glamorous, observant, talented, temperamental, artistic, mysterious, nurturing, imaginative, tender, daring, sweet, and inventive. Violet and Pink allow for meditation, balances thought, suggests a contemplative nature, cultivates dignity & confidence, has an ecclesiastical nature, encourages purpose, expresses mystery, fosters a feeling of reverence, produces intuitive understanding, invites surprise, has an opulent nature, promotes elegance, can have a sensitive nature, and suggests intimacy.

Colors from the purple area of the palette include iris, amethyst, lilac, orchid, purple, lavender and plum. Colors from the pink area of the palette include mauve, rose, puce, coral, cerise, and carnation. They are both effectively used in enchantment themed spaces especially kids rooms, entertainment areas, festive spaces, entryway areas, magical environments, and bathrooms.

The magic of these colors are evident in these areas where the shades range from light and ethereal to warm and deep vibrant tones. When combined, pink and purple exude the passion of red and the spirituality of blue to create spaces with a mystical aura.